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Genesis EcoFund fundraising, research, ecosystem relief, education & community building to improve humanity’s awareness of, accessibility to & benefits from Advanced Human Habitat.


is dedicated to improving access to clean air, living water, organic local food and healthy shelter: no matter where you live, what season it is, or how you've been conditioned to think about the nature of indoor and outdoor environments and why society has divorced the two.We are 100% supportive of the PeapodLife initiative to promote and deliver Advanced Human Habitat (AHH!) to the people of the world via Building EcoSystems & Technology (BEST).Its just that our practical, professional and legal role is to focus solely on advancing and securing the ongoing Social, Environmental and Economic benefits of the PeapodLife Enterprise.In other words, Genesis operates free of the burdens, limitations and stigma associated with “for profit enterprise.” It leaves “making money” to PeapodLife and its Partners.In a word, we put the “Social” in the PeapodLife Social Enterprise.We invite you to discover more about who we are and what we stand for by exploring our website, reading our blog, liking and interacting with us here on Facebook and following us on Twitter.Thanks for paying us a visit.- The Genesis Team

As the key not-for-profit vehicle behind the PeapodLife Branded Social Enterprise, Genesis devotes 100% of its time and efforts on activities which benefit:

• You

• Your family

• Your home

• Your community

• Society

• Environment

• Economy


Make Advanced Human Habitat Affordable, Comprehensible, Economical

As lead non-profit partner, Genesis rallies fundraising, education, R&D, and community support of PeapodLife's SEEnterprise: BEST Community (Social, Environmental, Economic: Building Ecosystems and Technology)

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