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Ontario’s BEST Community in Georgian Bay

PeapodLife’s BEST Community creates significant Return on Investment with minimal risk and maximum Social, Environmental, and Economic benefits through the innovation and commercialization of Advanced Human Habitat.  PeapodLife BEST Community; BEST Investment: SEE AHH create ROI. 

BEST Social, Environmental, Economic, Advanced Human Habitat (SEE AHH)

Elegant in its simplicity, any number of relatively inexpensive-to-manufacture, easy-to-ship, and highly flexible/configurable container-home “Peapods” are arranged around a central “EcoDome” consisting of an enclosed indoor/outdoor courtyard space containing a unique rainforest “Pyramid EcoSystem” water feature/fountain (please SEE attached VISUAL AIDS).  Multiple EcoDomes per BEST Community.

Highlights & Key Benefits – PeapodLife’s BEST Approach to SEE AHH create ROI

  • More greenhouse than building, EcoDome is an enclosed, shared, courtyard garden space.

  • Occupants enjoy AHH—BEST air quality; temperate rainforest ecosystem environment—24/7/365.

  • PeapodLife components manufactured by container home Co. and other partners, maximizing quality control, and minimizing onsite work to land development, assembly, and landscaping.

  • Lots of opportunity to use recycled materials (including shipping containers & engineered wood).

  • 50% of units sold/rented at affordable housing market rates means PeapodLife BEST Community should win approval from municipal officials and enjoy a fast-tracked permitting process.

  • In rental EcoDome(s), 50% of units rented at short-term vacation rates (subsidize affordable units).

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